Elan Atelier

Muse Studio


Inspired by the beauty of Asian and European design throughout the ages, Muse offers a contemporary interpretation of this cross cultural aesthetic, embracing traditional methods and high quality craftsmanship. With the help of skilled artisans, Muse creates hand-finished objects and furniture using noble materials such as bronze, parchment and gold. Inspiration is taken from rich and varied sources such as the sculptural forms of Giacometti, the elegance of Ming Chinese furniture to the sinuous lines of Art Deco masters resulting in a contemporary yet timeless design.

With the belief that there is no substitute for hand finishing, all items are created without the aid of machines or computers. With bronze production, the studio designer sculpts a wax model by hand and a significant amount of the polishing is also completed by hand, creating a lustrous finish rarely seen in modern manufacturing. Muse design also brings innovation to the forefront, continually testing new materials, forms and finishes. A trademark faux ivory design is created with gesso and hand incising and finally delicate painting to capture the beauty of this rare material, reinterpreted in a fresh context.